Mini-Guide: Warp Shift

LQ: 8.6


Brain grade: 8.9
Fun score: 8.3

Warp Shift
Game Type: ESRB Rating: Everyone Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 8+ Other Requirements: Headphones are recommended for the best experience. Thinking Skills Used: ,

Android  |  iTunes

Warp Shift is an easy-to-learn puzzle game set against a backdrop of beautiful graphics and music. In this game, the player uses simple swipe and tap action to control a girl named Pi. The goal is to move her from her starting location/room to whichever room has the warp zone. While the player advances through the levels and worlds, Pi will face a variety of doorway styles, switches, and mechanisms that will force the player to construct a more elaborate path. There are 75 levels in the main game, as well as a smaller, free “level pack” with another fifteen levels. The free version of the game contains ads that are often presented as required watching to move forward. Headphones are recommended for the best experience. The game was rated E for everyone, but could be challenging for younger players. We recommend this game for players 8 and older.

Warp Shift helps kids practice and improve the following skills:


Warp ShiftDeveloping a systematic approach for setting and achieving goals.

Warp Shift starts out easy enough, with a level that can be completed with one simple move. The further a player goes, however, the harder Warp Shift gets and the more important short-term planning becomes. The player starts each level with three stars, but too many moves can lower the star count. If the player doesn't take the time to plan out their moves at the start of the level, they will use up all three stars and have to: 1) watch a video to "earn" more moves or 2) restart the level from the beginning. Even if a player does have a plan, if they don't really take their time to think through all their options, it will be difficult to earn all three stars for a level. The more advanced they are in the game, the longer the plan will need to be (because it will take more moves to get Pi from her starting point to her warp zone).


Managing our actions, feelings and behaviors.

Warp Shift provides a great opportunity to work on impulse control, a major facet of the self control thinking skill. When a level first loads, it can be tempting for the player to make the first move that they see. In an early level, this may actually be the appropriate move to make. In a later level, however, it is much less likely to work out in the player's favor. That first, impulsive move will almost certainly remove at least one star from the "grade" the player receives for the level. In some cases, it will cause the player to have to restart the level.

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