Draw Something 2

LQ: 9.1


Brain grade: 8.8
Fun score: 9.4

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Game Type: ESRB Rating: N/A Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 5+ Thinking Skills Used: , Academic Skills Used:

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Draw Something 2 is the sequel to the hit Pictionary-like game Draw Something. Like the original, gameplay revolves around drawing pictures to try and get other players to guess the correct word, and examining the sketches of others to try and deduce what it is they are depicting.To start, the player that is drawing chooses from three words of varying length, picking which one to draw. The harder the word, the more points awarded should the other player successfully guess the correct answer. The player that is drawing can take as much time as is needed to complete the picture, which is sent to the other player upon completion. The guessing player is then shown how many letters are in the word, and is given a handful of letters to choose from. If the image is guessed correctly, both players earn up to three coins, depending on the word difficulty and the number of guesses it took to get the right answer. Once the turn is over, the roles switch, and the player who guessed gets a chance to draw. Players go back and forth, trying to maintain a perfect streak for as long as possible. Draw Something 2 is appropriate for all ages content-wise, but given the spelling skills required, it is recommended for players ages seven and older.




Understanding our own actions, thoughts and feelings.

Players should understand the limits to their artistic capacities in Draw Something 2. Some words are very hard to recreate on screen. However, if players know that they are creative, or are good at recreating what they see, then they should attempt the harder words. Essentially, players should not underestimate their ability to interpret a word. By being cognizant of their own skills, players will have the best chance at earning coins.

Draw Something 2 is also highly social, even more so than the original Draw Something. In addition to syncing with Facebook and Twitter, players can create a Draw Something profile, which will showcase all of their accumulated drawings. Players can send in-game comments and even follow other users. These more social features help to create a sense of community in the game, allowing players to more easily communicate with others and form connections with those they are playing.


Developing a systematic approach for setting and achieving goals. In order to utilize the many colors, brushes, and additional drawing items the game offers, players need to collect coins and stars. When players cannot figure out a particularly confusing drawing, they can use stars for hints. Hints add letters into their corresponding boxes each time they are used. But players have limited amount of stars and must use them wisely -- not out of haste. Coins are used to add to players' available palette of colors and brushes. More refined brushes and a variety of colors will allow players to create better drawings. But in order to get these items, players must strategically save coins. Coins are earned after game puzzles are solved correctly, and vary in value depending on the difficulty of the word. Adept Draw Something 2 players should choose higher value words in order to accumulate coins as quickly as possible so they can upgrade their colors and utensils.

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