Among Us

LQ: 9.5


Brain grade: 9.2
Fun score: 9.8

Game Type: ESRB Rating: N/A Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 9+ Thinking Skills Used: ,

 iPhone iPad Android

Among Us is a multiplayer mystery game where you play one of several crew-members aboard a spaceship. One person is designated at the beginning of the game as the “Imposter” while everyone else is a regular crew member. Crew-members need to move around the ship, completing various tasks such as file transfers, garbage removal, and electrical repair. The imposter’s job is to move throughout the ship and kill the crew-mates without being detected. Once a body is found, a meeting can be called where everyone needs to try to figure out who the imposter is. 

Among Us is a free game but to remove all ads requires you to purchase the app. Because of the content of the game, it may not be suitable for children under 9 years old.

Among Us  helps kids practice and improve the following skills:

Focus: Organizing One’s Own Ideas.  

When a meeting is called within the game, each player will need to make their case as to who they think the imposter is. This means they will need to be able to focus their thoughts on evidence to make their case. If people suspect you as being the imposter, you need to present your own defense (even if you are bluffing) and make other people believe you are innocent. The game also requires you to pay attention to the actions of your crew-mates, as it may shine some light on who the imposter is or who is the most vulnerable at the moment. 

Self-Control: Delaying Impulsive Reactions. 

If you are the imposter in the game, you need to make sure that you complete your mission without being caught. It is easy enough to kill crew-mates in the game but it is also hard to do so without getting caught. Imposters need to fight their impulse to rid the ship of crew-mates and wait until the appropriate time. Imposters who struggle with this will immediately be discovered and ejected from the ship.

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