Alpine Crawler

LQ: 7.3


Brain grade: 7.6
Fun score: 7

Game Type: ESRB Rating: N/A Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 6+ Thinking Skills Used: ,


In Alpine Crawler, the player will assume the role of a daredevil equipped with a truck capable of driving over rough and hazardous terrain. The goal of Alpine Crawler is to guide the truck from the starting line to the end of the track. Tracks are dangerously designed and contain many drop-offs that can damage the truck. If the truck takes too much damage, the player will lose the race. The player controls only the gas and brake pedals, while using the GPS to monitor the changing terrain. When the truck reaches the finish line, the player is shown a completion time. The game feature no violence, blood or any other potentially offensive content, and is easy to control and play, making it recommended to players ages 6 and up.


this game is good for kids who neEd help with:


Managing our actions, feelings and behaviors.

alpine crawler educational game review image 1In Alpine Crawler, the player must guide the truck across the finish line without allowing it to become too damaged. Finishing the course in the shortest possible time is a requirement for a high score, but using too much speed can destroy the truck. Therefore, the player needs to act carefully, and must resist the impulse to slam on the gas in a blind race to the finish. Gas is useful for ascending hills, but can also cause crashes if it is used at the wrong time. Although driving at full speeds is fun, the player needs to control the urge to rush, instead finding a balanced speed that works well for each track.


Getting started and then maintaining attention and effort to tasks.     

In Alipine Crawler, a successful run requires the player to monitor and control a variety of factors. The player must look over the GPS map of the terrain, check the health bar, control the truck's speed and keep an eye on the timer. Without strong concentration spread out across these elements, the player will undoubtedly experience troubles that will can waste precious time, flip the truck back over (which adds a penalty of 15 seconds) or cause complete wreckage of the vehicle. Not all need factors require equal amounts of consideration, so it is important for the player to be able to prioritize which factors to concentrate on, and when. For example, monitoring speed over dangerous terrain is a must, while focusing on speed becomes a must as the timer winds down.

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