Should You Hack Your Family to Get Them to the Dinner Table?

You have probably seen this ad making its rounds on Facebook; hidden cameras capture tech-absorbed kids who don’t notice that the room around them is being rearranged. Worse, they don’t […]

Classroom Guide: The Sandbox

Does my child actually need to learn to code?

Code code code. It seems like all we hear these days. You may be tired of it. You may even wonder if it’s all just hype. You’re not the only […]

These Minecraft Projects Target Important Thinking Skills

If your child is one of the millions of kids in love with Minecraft, why not make the most of their play time? Join in the fun by trying out […]

Games for Adolescents Transitioning to Middle School

We like to think of summer vacation as a time for kids to cut loose, relax, and enjoy freedom from the stresses of school. But for adolescents, this summer feels […]

Just What Is the Maximum Daily Allowance of Minecraft?

What’s the maximum daily allowance of Minecraft?

An hour per day of video game play is my standard reply. There is compelling data to suggest that one hour of video […]

Screen Time

Screen Time is a parental control app for iOS and Android devices. The app allows parents to remotely monitor and control their children’s use of phones and tablets. We recommend […]

Is Minecraft Addiction Possible?

Our teen son is failing in school and losing his friends. Homework time quickly turns into Minecraft time despite our best efforts. He can and will use a phone, game […]

The Recess Recession: Can Free Play and Technology Co-Exist?

Two of the biggest talking points in the world of early childhood education are “free play” and “technology,” terms that are usually at odds with each other.

Blended learning is […]

Why Do Kids Love to Play Video Games?

Why do kids love video games? The short, and obvious, answer is, they’re fun. In my psychological interviews and surveys about video game play with children, I often […]