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See below for answers to many of our most frequently asked questions. If you don't find the information you're looking for, drop us a line at Account Problems I'm [...]

Tools Your Fellow Clinicians Use to Build Thinking Skills

This past spring I had the opportunity to conduct six continuing education sessions for PESI, a non-profit organization at the forefront of continuing education for psychologists, clinical social workers, speech […]

Minecraft and Misbehavior

My son moves around a lot and makes noises when he plays Minecraft. These are clear signs of agitation. What do I do?

In my experience, I have rarely heard […]

Parents Who Feel Guilty about Letting Their Kids Play Video Games

Have you ever overeaten or spent too long sitting in front of the television? Most normal, well-adjusted, healthy adults would say yes to at least one of these questions. I […]

Minecraft and ADHD Kids: Brain Boosting or Attention Busting?

LearningWorks for Kids had the honor of leading a webinar for ADDitude Magazine entitled “Minecraft and ADHD Kids: Brain Boosting or Attention Busting?” on Wednesday, March 5, 2015. If you […]

Parenting Tips for ADHD, Video Games and Technology

If you are reading this article, it is likely that you are a parent or educator who believes that there might be something worthwhile in children’s tech-time. You […]

Why do Kids Love to Play Video Games?

Why do kids love video games? The short, and obvious, answer is, they’re fun. In my psychological interviews and surveys about video game play with children, I often find that […]

Minecraft & Autism: Teaching Self-Control in Combat and Defeat

Minecraft’s open-ended gameplay makes it a great platform for learning. For children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), the game can be particularly helpful in teaching key cognitive skills like Self-Awareness, Flexibility and Self-Control. […]

ADDitude Magazine Webinar

Thank you for attending our Webinar with ADDitude Magazine! Below you'll find links to more information on some of the topics we discussed in the webinar. Announcing: LearningWorks Live!Small-Group Live [...]

Developmentally Healthy Play Diet: Ages 14+

Unlike younger children, teens tend to participate in more social and digital play. When I ask typical teenagers what their favorite activity is the first response is invariably, “hang out […]