Setting Limits: Where do I start?

“How often should I let my child play video games?” might be the most common question I am asked as a child clinical psychologist. There are a lot of mixed […]

Setting Limits: Tech Presents and Presence

The holidays can provide a special sense of wonder and excitement, but they can also make you feel like there is some special trick to finding a balance between letting […]

Setting Limits: My Kid Wants to Spend Their Whole Vacation Playing Video Games

The end of February means vacation time for most public school students. As a parent, you want to keep your kids busy, having fun, and being somewhat productive. But many […]

Ask Dr. Kulman: Setting Limits on Online Multiplayer Games

Kay writes:

We would like a set time vs. a completed game limit. The games on STEAM ban players who end games early [so] players need to have other players […]

Setting Limits: Teens on the Internet

My 15-year-old gets sucked into other things on the Internet almost every time he turns on the computer. This is hard because at his age he has a lot of […]

Setting Limits: Video Game Rage

My son plays video games after school for 4 hours a day. On weekends, his time playing video games doubles, up to 8 hours. We’ve tried to get him to […]

Setting Limits on Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft interferes with my teen’s homework and other responsibilities. How can we even begin to set limits on Minecraft when he can even play it on his mobile phone?

It […]

Setting Limits: Screen Time and the Individual Child

“One size doesn’t fit all.” When it comes to setting screen time limits, this is very true. Some kids are not interested enough in technology to make it a concern […]

Setting Limits: Video Games as Rewards

“If you’re good while we’re out shopping this morning, you can use the computer when we get home.”

If you’re a parent of a child who plays video games, no […]

Setting Limits: Limiting Screen Time by Scheduling

There are set times for school, sports practices, and after-school programs. It’s not so odd to start scheduling game time as well. Scheduling is one of the most common methods […]