Understanding Children’s Screen Time: Books for Parents and Professionals

Children’s screen time is a major mental and physical health concern for parents.  As a result, childcare professionals including pediatricians, child psychologists and psychiatrists, social workers, family health specialists, and […]

Is This The Summer of Fortnite?

One of the biggest struggles a parent has in this digital age is making sure their kids spend holidays and vacations in a healthy, balanced way. The minute a child […]

Parenting ADHD

Thank you for attending The Parenting ADHD Summit! Below you'll find links to more information on some of the topics we discussed in the summit. Coming Soon: LearningWorks Live!Small-Group Live [...]

4 Must-See Movies for Kids Affected by Autism

When experts write about how to help children affected by autism (particularly Level 1 or high-functioning autism), the most common piece of advice is to improve their social skills. This […]

Are Video Games Harmful or Helpful to Kids?

The arguments for and against video games can get very heated.

Those who see video games as harmful point out increasing rates of obesity, difficulty in one-to-one communication skills, and […]

ADHD and Screen Time – Research, Reality, Benefits, and Concerns

Dr. Randy Kulman, president of Learningworks for Kids, was recently asked to give a pre-conference presentation at the CHADD Annual International Conference on ADHD. The workshop–directed to clinicians, educators and […]

Should Kids Be Allowed More Screen Time During Vacation?

If you ask most kids what they want to do for breaks and holidays, they may tell you they want to go to Disney World or on an elaborate vacation. […]

Activities for Kids with Slow Processing Speed

Have you noticed that your child with slow processing speed doesn’t want to play sports or video games the way their peers do? Kids with slow processing speed may struggle […]

Classroom Guide: Fixum

Classroom Guide: Stealth Inc.