Developmentally Healthy Play Diet: Ages 14+

Unlike younger children, teens tend to participate in more social and digital play. When I ask typical teenagers what their favorite activity is the first response is invariably, “hang out […]

Developmentally Healthy Play Diet: Ages 10-13

Children begin to make more independent decisions about the type of play they like as they progress to their pre-teens, or tweens. While they may still be open to the […]

How to Play and Talk About Video Games with Your Child

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5 Strategies to Improve Focus Skills

Children born into the digital generation may sometimes struggle with attentiveness. The number of outside distractions is only increasing, as mobile phones, tablets, and televisions continue to become ever more […]

Webonauts Internet Academy

Webonuats in an interactive website that teaches kids proper Internet

What is the Newest Research on Autism and Video Games?

Video games for children with autism or ADHD are a potential source of great learning opportunities. However, at the same time, video game play can present a host of […]

Improving Social Skills in Autism and ADHD

Improving social skills in autism and ADHD is one of the targeted treatment outcomes of children affected by these disorders. There is some question about whether technology may help or […]

Case Study: Improving Writing with Technology

The following case study is an example of the ways that technology can exercise Writing skills. The story itself is a variation of one or more patients I have worked with during […]

How Much Screen Time is Too Much?

How much screen time is too much? One of the more common approaches to structuring children’s use of video games and other technologies is to allow them access after […]