Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is more than a simple presentation tool. The service allows users to create organized slideshow presentations, where information is made interactive, accessible, and most importantly, concise. Like Apple’s Keynote, users […]

iTunes U

iTunes U gives users access to thousands of online courses from kindergarten to university level.

Camera Awesome

In terms of filtering, cropping, framing, and quality, Camera Awesome may be one of the most functional camera apps in the iTunes app store. With over 100 effect, texture, and filter options, […]

IXL Math

IXL Math is an website where users can practice math problems at nearly every grade level. Questions are administered one at a time, in a fun and interactive environment.

Rick’s Math

Rick’s Math is a website filled with various lesson plans, video tutorials and quizzes to help students learn a wide variety of mathematical subjects and concepts.

PicTalk Toddler

PicTalk Toddler is an app designed to help children with speech delays or communication issues express their thoughts, feelings and needs to others. This AAC app has users build statements using the […]


Avaz is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) application designed to help children dealing with speech difficulties and the challenges of autism spectrum disorders more easily communicate.


Naturespace is an ambient noise app that allows users to choose from a variety of calming sounds to increase focus, or help them fall asleep faster.


Lift is a productivity app designed fro users add “habits,” to help encourage a lifestyle change. It promotes Planning and Self-Awareness skills, and has been identified as helpful for children with ADHD.

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