Meernotes is a stylish retro themed app for taking notes and keeping digital notebooks. Users can choose from stylish fonts and notebook covers to customize their Meernotes app!

Google Talk

Google Talk is a free online communication tool for video, voice, and text communication. Users can log into their Google account, and instantly connect with other users on their friends list.

Word Dynamo

Word Dynamo helps with Focus, Working Memory, Time Management, Reading and Dyslexia, and is recommended to users ages 6+.


GIMP allows users to manipulate and edit photos, enhance colors and add stylistic filters using an array of tools and options.

Google Calendar

Google Calendars is an online calendar tool for organizing a busy schedule. Google Calendars can be shared with friends or family, so that others can see and add to an existing calendar.


FindMe is an app geared towards children with Autism, and helps with Focus and Self-Control.


Breathe2Relax is an app that helps users practice controlled breathing techniques for tension and anxiety.

Scribblenauts Remix

This action game helps children practice the Flexibility and Working Memory thinking skills as well as reading and writing and is appropriate for any user ages 8+.

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