Sports Illustrated for Kids

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Sports Illustrated offers a website and app just for kids and young teens with articles and games about all sports-related topics. The site, aptly titled, Sports Illustrated for Kids, gives a filtered, more accessible version of sporting news, and comes in the form of a monthly magazine, interactive website and app. The web version of the magazine is vastly different from the print version, as children can play games, create cartoons, solve puzzles, play fantasy sports, and much more. This hands-on approach to delivering news holds the attention of users, as they can balance reading with gaming. The news section of the site resembles a cross between ESPN‘s top ten and a blog, with a reading level befitting its younger audience. Sports Illustrated for Kids is a great tool for getting children excited about reading. The content is kid-friendly and recommended for ages 6 to 12.

This app is good for kids who need help with:


Getting started and then maintaining attention and effort to tasks.


The Sports Illustrated for Kids search function allows users to sort their queries by their favorite teams or sports, allowing them to narrow the focus of their content. The app will sort out relevant information and articles,making it easy for children to delve into articles that reflect their interests, and ideally encouraging them to seek further details and learn more. Because much of the site involves considerable reading, children must learn to sustain attention and concentrate on a subject for over an extended period of time. When children stumble across an area of particular interest, they should use Sports Illustrated for Kids,' vast archive of statistical information to advance their understanding of a team, sport or individual player.

Working Memory

Recalling and retaining information in our mind while working.

Sports Illustrated for KidsSports Illustrated for Kids is not just a glorified sports blog, as it also serves as a statistical database. An average sports season involves tons of statistics and information, which can be used to gain a broader understanding of players, their performance and a sport in general. Engaging kids with statistics is a great way to get them using their Working Memory skills, as keeping relevant information about players and teams in mind while watching a game can make it easier to contextualize and understand the action on the screen.  Sports fans often have great Working Memory skills, as they are usually tasked with recalling seemingly insignificant facts, often from weeks or months in the past. There will be many opportunities for children to apply the statistics and information they learn through Sports Illustrated for Kids. After all, a good grasp of the facts always comes in handy when embroiled in a passionate debate with rival fans.


Many children who are reluctant readers struggle to become better with phonics and word recognition. This often results in discomfort when reading aloud, and may even turn children off from reading as a whole. Sports Illustrated for Kids' slew off targeted, interesting content can slowly coax reluctant readers into realizing the benefits of the activity. Pictures and videos usually accompany most articles, allowing children to contextualize each piece of writing before having to read it. Video are mostly short clips, or highlights, leaving children with the need to learn more - a need that can only be fulfilled by reading the accompanying article. All the content is specifically created to suit the reading levels of younger children, making it a perfect fit for hesitant readers.

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