Tracks is a mobile photosharing app that combines together many of the social media elements found in popular apps like Instagram and Pinterest, mixing together the display and general aesthetic of […]


Libre Office is a free, multifaceted alternative to traditional word-processing applications like Microsoft Word and Apple’s Pages. Nearly equal in functionality, LibreOffice consists of a word processor, a spreadsheet creator, a […]


Curiosityville is an interactive learning website designed specifically for younger children. There are three different learning levels based on age, which children sign into before they begin play. From there, they meet […]


Quizlet is a customizable study tool available in both web and app form. Users create customizable “sets” using terms and definitions relating to virtually any subject.


Quilt is an real time scrap booking app that where users can connect with friends.


Moxtra is a free cloud based iOS app designed for project management and team collaboration. A variety of content from pictures to slideshow presentations, text documents, and videos can be stored […]


Kerpoof is an online resource where children can exercise their creativity while immersed in a learning central environment.


Glympse is a free app that allows users to digitally and safely share their locations.

Spelling City

Spelling City is a website and mobile app that helps users bolster their spelling skills. Upon logging in to a premium account, which is usually purchased by school systems and teachers, users will have access to word lists curated by the school system or teacher.


Sumdog is a great math resource for parents, children, and teacher. It is an inventive and detailed website that requires quick summing in a competitive environment.

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