Quip is a word processing app and document editor in which all work can be made collaborative among a variety of users.


Codecademy is a app and website dedicated to teaching users how to program and code.


Pulse is a new app where users can choose which types of news they would like to receive from an library of categories like “lifestyle,” “news,” and “entertainment.”

ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse is a web-based educational service geared towards children who are of pre-school and early elementary school age.


Roblox is a robust website, program, and mobile application that allows users to design, create, and play unique digital environments and games.


Tracks is a mobile photosharing app that combines together many of the social media elements found in popular apps like Instagram and Pinterest, mixing together the display and general aesthetic of […]


Libre Office is a free, multifaceted alternative to traditional word-processing applications like Microsoft Word and Apple’s Pages. Nearly equal in functionality, LibreOffice consists of a word processor, a spreadsheet creator, a […]


Curiosityville is an interactive learning website designed specifically for younger children. There are three different learning levels based on age, which children sign into before they begin play. From there, they meet […]

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