LQ: 9.3


Brain grade: 9.5
Fun score: 9.0

Platform/Console: LWK Recommended Age: 8+ Thinking Skills Used: , Academic Skills Used:

Sumdog is a great math resource for parents, children, and teacher. It is an inventive and detailed website that requires quick summing in a competitive environment. Users can choose from a variety of different games which help them to become stronger with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions. Users race against three other players who are using the site, adding a competitive element to the functionality of the site. An avatar is assigned to each user. Based on how well they placed, users are able to collect coins which allow them to purchase new items for their avatars’ ensemble. Games range from puzzles to tower climbing races, where both speed and efficiency is calculated into a final score. There is also a parent/teacher section which allows for weekly progress reports, noting where improvements can be made. It is for this reason that Sumdog has been implemented in school systems all over the world. There is no inappropriate content, but the nature of the content is better suited for children ages 8 and older.

this app is good for kids who need help with:


Adapting and adjusting to changing conditions and expectations, especially adapting to obstacles.

While it is true that players will have to adapt to the different game scenarios that Sumdog provides, games tend to rely more of the users' ability to think quickly. Because they are racing other competitors, users must understand the balance between answering correctly and answering quickly. If they labor too long on a single question, they will probably not place first. But if users can quickly adapt between addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication, they can work fast without forgoing their accuracy. The games in Sumdog offer users the chance to learn from their mistakes. When they answer incorrectly 2 consecutive times, the correct answer will be highlighted. Frequently the opponents are tough to beat, and users must learn how to deal with the disappointments of second, third, or even fourth place. However, the website is a learning tool, and an experience to help users to become stronger math students. The final indication of their success is in the progress reports, not the podium.


Getting started and then maintaining attention and effort to tasks. Ignoring external distractions.

The games in Sumdog vary in length and difficulty. While the types of problems are fairly similar, the inherent qualities of the games themselves make playing a bit harder. For example, puzzle games not only require users to solve problems, but also to quickly place puzzle pieces into their correct location. Sumdog motivates its users to strive for success. Because the environment is so competitive, users will develop a strong sense of goal directed persistence as they compete for first place in each game. In order to place first, users must devote one hundred percent attention to the task at hand, avoiding careless mistakes that lead to oversight. Users must understand the importance of both speed and accuracy, which mandates increased levels of attention and overall focus.


Sumdog takes math concepts and incorporates them into a captivating website. Progress reports allow users to monitor their level of mastery. The website helps to bolster numeracy skills, or users ability to reason and apply simple numerical concepts. It is primarily designed for children who have not yet reached high school. Concepts range from addition to square roots and adapt to student skill level. Sumdog addresses over 100 numeracy topics and has 10 different levels within each topic.


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