LQ: 9.2


Brain grade: 9.5
Fun score: 8.9

Platform/Console: , , , LWK Recommended Age: 4+ Thinking Skills Used: , , Academic Skills Used: ,

Quizlet is a customizable study tool available in both web and app form. Users create customizable “sets” using terms and definitions relating to virtually any subject. Quizlet provides a number of teaching tools to transform these sets into flashcards, quizzes and tests, or mini-games designed to familiarize users with their study terms. Users can create their own “sets” inputting terms and definitions, or search for subjects already created by students and teachers from around the globe. For an additional fee, teachers and students can upgrade Quizlet to better fit their needs. Upgrades provide additional tools, remove ads, and allow for an unlimited number of created “classes” and “sets.” This app is a great way for students to prepare for a test, brush up on past material, or learn new material quickly and effectively through repetition and demonstration of knowledge. Quizlet is easy to use for both teachers and students and is recommended to any user ages 4 and up.



Getting started and then maintaining attention and effort to tasks.

quizlet 1Quizlet is designed to help users focus their attention and effort to a particular subject area. Whether preparing for a history test, learning new Spanish vocabulary, or testing knowledge of a local sports team, users must be able to focus on the present information in order to complete mini-games or pass a short test. For example, in "Scatter" mode, users are presented with a number of tiles containing terms and their definitions. Users must be able to match the correct term with its definition. While the mini-game is not over until all terms are matched, users are prompted by a timer to work toward improving their efficiency by matching the terms in increasingly faster times. Learning new materials and deploying this information to pass Quizlet's tests and games requires a great deal of focus from users who must maintain their attention in order to absorb and master new terms and definitions.


Developing a systematic approach for setting and achieving goals.

Creating customized "sets" and "classes" using Quizlet requires users to exercise the Planning thinking skill. For example, when preparing for a history test, users must be able to determine the most important and relevant materials that may be on the test and include it in their flashcards. Quizlet also provides a number of options for users who prefer different modes of learning. Planning around a user's particular learning style is an excellent way to use Quizlet to get ahead in school. For example, visual learners might benefit from utilizing custom images on their flashcards, while other users might be better served using recorded audio prompts. Users must be able to plan ahead to create relevant study materials to prepare for important tests and quizzes in school. Alternatively, teachers can create lesson plans ahead of time and share these "classes" with their students in order to introduce new material or review old materials.

Working Memory

Recalling and retaining information in our mind while working.

quizlet 3Quizlet provides a number of opportunities for users to exercise the Working Memory thinking skill. Using one of the many study modes, users will learn to apply previously learned terms to their proper definitions. Beginning in "Learn" mode, users are introduced to the material and provided an opportunity to familiarize themselves with important information. Using flashcard mode, "test," or "scatter" then asks users to deploy the information they have memorized. Quizlet will grade users' success rates and in some modes will learn to focus a user's efforts toward areas which require the most practice and improvement. Learning and memorizing information and then being able to successfully deploy this information to pass a test, quiz, or complete a mini-game is both a great way for users to prepare for school classes as well as exercise the Working Memory thinking skill.

Reading & Writing

Creating and studying from Quizlet requires users to practice basic reading and writing skills. When creating new terms for studying, users must create succinct and descriptive definitions for terms. Learning to define terms efficiently is a great way to practice creating clear and concise writing. In addition, learning new terms and applying them to the correct definitions can be a great way to practice and improve reading comprehension and proficiency. Quizlet is an excellent way for users to study for tests, quizzes, and classes while simultaneously utilizing and exercising skills necessary to effective written communication.

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