Zinnia is an app where the user can create a series of journals for different tasks. Whether it’s meal planning, habit tracking, doodle practice, or task list making, Zinnia has […]

My First Museum


My First Museum is an app that is designed to introduce young children to classical pieces of art and museums from around the world. The child enters a virtual […]

Pinkfong’s ABC Phonics


Pinkfong’s 123 Numbers Is an educational app designed to introduce your child to identifying upper and lowercase letters, writing them out on a screen, and identifying the sounds each […]



Tangerine is a self-care app that focuses on mood tracking, habit forming, and journaling. The user logs into the app and can then choose to set up the positive […]

Planny 5


Planny is an organization app that allows the user to keep track of all of their important tasks and plan ahead by scheduling tasks for future dates. The user […]



Cozi is a family calendar and organizational app where multiple people can add events, assign chores, and check off tasks in To Do lists. The basic form of the […]

Pinkfong’s Dino World


Pinkfong Dino World is an entertainment app where your children can choose from multiple games and coloring books featuring dinosaurs. It is made by the South Korean educational entertainment […]

Visual Daily Schedule


Visual Daily Schedule is an app for children to create task lists and learn to manage their time. The child can create general categories and then add subcategories within […]

Pinkfong’s Shapes and Colors


Pinkfong Shapes and Colors is an educational app designed to teach your child about shapes, patterns, colors, and size comparisons. It is made by the South Korean educational entertainment […]



Shine is a self-care and meditation app designed to help the user calm their anxieties, get to the root of their emotions and actions, and find some strategies for […]

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