Done is a habit tracker app that helps you to build healthy habits and quit ones that are unhealthy. The user opens the app, clicks the plus button on […]



Mindpiece is a journaling app that uses artificial intelligence to provide insights into your thoughts. The user can enter their own journal entries, tag them with significant words, and […]

Insight Timer


Insight Timer is a meditation and mindfulness app that aims to help individuals sleep better, manage their anxiety, and achieve calm. When the user initially opens the app, they […]



Clearful is a writing and mindfulness app that focuses on journaling in a consistent way to plan, reflect, and practice self-care. The user opens the app each day and […]



Climb is an app for English language learners to increase their vocabulary through fun interactive games, memes, and challenges. The user opens the app and begins by taking a […]

Central Hospital Stories


Central Hospital Stories is a sandbox game where users can explore five different floors of a hospital and place different characters in the setting to create their own story. 




Catban is an app where the user can create multiple project boards, or kanban, in order to stay focused on tasks that need to be completed. The user opens […]

Happy Daycare Stories


Happy Daycare Stories is a sandbox game where users can explore seven different rooms of a daycare center and place different children in the setting to create their own […]



Skybrary is an app designed to get children excited about reading by providing high interest texts combined with educational activities, games, and videos. After the parent creates an account […]

Find It!


¬†Find It is an item search game for toddlers and young children. The app opens and the user chooses from a variety of boxes on a shelf, each containing […]

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