Skybrary is an app designed to get children excited about reading by providing high interest texts combined with educational activities, games, and videos. After the parent creates an account […]

Find It!


 Find It is an item search game for toddlers and young children. The app opens and the user chooses from a variety of boxes on a shelf, each containing […]

Urban City Stories


Urban City Stories is a sandbox app where the user can play within a city with multiple characters by placing them into various scenarios and clicking on different interactive […]

Smart Tasks


Smart Tasks is a To Do list and habit building app that uses easy color-coded labels to organize your activities and help you plan your schedule. The user opens […]



Kanbana is an organizational app where the user can create their own kanban task lists and color code items based on the different types of tasks they need to […]

Daily Hellos


  Daily Hellos is an app where the user engages in conversation with a partner or group of people based on themed questions. The app offers questions for relationships, families, […]


Bluebird is a task management app with a built in focus timer. The user adds tasks to a list, assigns them a time limit, priority, frequency, and how often they […]

Pinkfong’s 123 Numbers


Pinkfong’s 123 Numbers Is an educational app designed to introduce your child to identifying numbers, counting, and writing numbers by hand. It is made by the South Korean educational […]


Kanbanier is an app where the user can create multiple project boards, or kanban in order to stay focused on tasks that need to be completed. The user opens the […]


Zinnia is an app where the user can create a series of journals for different tasks. Whether it’s meal planning, habit tracking, doodle practice, or task list making, Zinnia has […]

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