LQ: 7.5


Brain grade: 7.0
Fun score: 8.0

Platform/Console: , , , LWK Recommended Age: 6+ Thinking Skills Used: , ,

Timewinder is a highly functional timer app, the crowning feature of which is the unique ability to create a schedule with a series of interval alarms. For example, users can activate an alarm which runs an entire day, interspersed with timed reminders like “check email,” “start studying,” “stretch,” and “dinner” — each with an independent timer. It’s great for extended blocks of time in which users have to stay on track. Users can add customized alarms, attribute pictures to each new timer block, and share their schedule via Facebook or email. Timewinder is especially useful for exercise, studying or other activities where users are on a strict time limit. It can help keep users motivated, active, an on task. It’s easy to use and recommended to users over the age of 6.

this app is good for kids who need help with:

Time Management

It can be just as hard to stop an activity as it is to start. Fortunately, Timewinder makes it easy. Users are alerted when it's time for them to begin a task they set a previous alarm for. It is especially when users are involved in a lengthy activity with a lot of smaller tasks, such as studying or note-taking, helping to keep users from getting off track. Users have the option of allowing the app to speak each time a new interval is introduced, and activity blocksĀ can also be set to repeat each at specific times during the week.


Planning and Time Management often go hand-in-hand, and both are put to use with Timewinder. Because the alarm-scheduling blocks can be so long -- with an infinite number of intervals -- it's important that users plan ahead before setting their alarms. If they are timing a workout or study session, they must think about the activity as a whole. What needs to be accomplished in a certain amount of time? How much time overall must be dedicated to the task? The bigger picture must be clear, before any smaller timed activities are added.


Seeing as users must arrange together blocks of time, Organization is key with Timewinder. The app offers sleek, visual organizational tools that help users consider all facets of an activity, encouraging users learn approach tasks in a thorough manner. From gathering the materials before tackling a class project, to taking the time to look over and edit completed work, Timewinder helps users take an organized approach to their academic duties.

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