The Best Books for Teenagers Who Have Executive Functioning Difficulties

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Teenagers with executive-functioning problems often don’t know what to do to help themselves. Weak skills in executive functioning may not have had much of an impact in elementary school, nor would most preteens be able to identify how skills such as planning, organization, and time management are important for school and social activities. But as teenagers, they are likely to have more insight into how these issues are important for their success at school and even in their social relationships. But most teens do not have the personal resources or knowledge to improve executive-functioning skills on their own and could benefit from involved parents and teachers, doing reading and research in this area, and attending psychotherapy, with executive-functioning coaching through organizations such as Beyond Booksmart.

Fortunately there are some practical and readable books that provide information to help kids improve their executive-functioning skills, including my book, Train Your Brain for Success: A Teenager’s Guide to Executive Functions. Here are our recommendations for the best books for teenagers who have difficulty with executive functioning:


Train Your Brain for Success: A Teenager’s Guide to Executive Functions

Age 13-19

“This book demonstrates the ways kids use executive functions in school, at home, and in their other activities and shows how these skills can be improved through sustained effort. Beginning with a test to determine executive-functioning strengths and weaknesses, the book then explores in detail eight distinct sets of skills, including planning, organization, focus, time management, self-control, flexibility, memory, and self-awareness.“

Learning to Plan and Be Organized: Executive Function Skills for Kids With AD/HD

Ages 7+ 

“Learning to Plan and Be Organized is a practical guide that teaches kids with AD/HD how to enhance their executive function skills of planning and organization. This reader-friendly and easy-to-use book includes checklists, pointers, and activities that will act as outstanding resources that help your child use executive functioning skills to their advantage“

The Executive Functioning Workbook for Teens: Help for Unprepared, Late, and Scattered Teens

Ages 13-19

In The Executive Functioning Workbook for Teens  a licensed school counselor provides an evidence-based, easy-to-use, and practical workbook written directly for a teen audience. The book is designed to provide teens with the skills needed to get organized, retain information, communicate effectively, and perform well in school and in everyday life. Based in proven-effective cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), the book offers activities that will help teens better understand their disorder and cope with it effectively“

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