5 Ways to Improve Thinking Skills with Technology

Here at LearningWorks for Kids, we’re dedicated to helping families leverage technology in a positive way, showing them how they can use the latest apps and games not just to […]

What are Critical Thinking Skills?

Critical thinking is broadly defined as the process in which we evaluate and analyze information to gain a fuller understanding of a particular subject or problem, and then use those […]


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Executive Functions

What are Executive Functions? Executive functions are brain-based cognitive skills that facilitate critical thinking and self-regulation. Executive functions call upon the prefrontal cortex of our brains to help with goal-setting and decision making. These skills include [...]

What Are Thinking Skills?

The term “thinking skills” refers to the specific mental and cognitive processes that a person draws upon to think effectively. Basically, thinking skills are what we use in our heads […]

How Thinking Skills Help Children at School and Home

Thinking skills and executive functions play a crucial role in children’s classroom success, as they are the cognitive processes that help kids to better plan, organize, make decisions, pay attention, […]

Common Examples of Thinking Skills Problems at School and at Home

Thinking skills are derived from what psychologists call executive functions — the brain-based cognitive skills that manage critical thinking. Think of them as the tools the brain uses to manage tasks, solve […]

21st Century Skills: Why You Want Your Child to Improve Executive Functioning

In the 21st century, a good early education is often the key to future academic and vocational success. Parents compete to get their children into the best preschools. Our […]

The Best Books about Children with ADHD

If you are the parent of a child with ADHD it is almost impossible to find the time and energy to learn about everything you can to help your […]

Video Games and ADHD: What Every Parent Needs to Know

Parents frequently ask me about video games and ADHD. Some have concerns that video games cause ADHD, others wonder how their children with ADHD can benefit from video games. One […]