How to Talk to Your Child About Video Games

You probably don’t need to be told that video games have moved out of subculture status to become an everyday part of life. Gaming devices are no longer hidden away […]

Yes, You Can Learn From Any Old Video Game

As the editorial specialist for LearningWorks for Kids, I’m no stranger to the idea of using video games and technology as tools for teaching children. At LW4K, we research and […]

Why I Use Minecraft As a Teaching Tool

The following post was written by one of our contributors, Jeffrey Brusini, who—in addition to being an attorney and progressing towards his Ph.D in psychology—is the Director of Mount Pleasant […]

Beyond Games: Speed Up a Slow-Moving Child

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Is there really any value in a racing game?

I actually think that racing games can be one of the best game genres to play with your kids for learning problem-solving skills. However, because they are so much fun, […]

Apps for ADHD Ebook Download

FREE EBOOK: THE BEST GAMES AND APPS FOR CHILDREN WITH ADHD  Games, Apps, and Digital Strategies for Helping Kids with ADHD Download Now! Join Now to Download EVERY Ebook! Sign up [...]

Using Video Games in Working With Children

Clinicians who work with kids have traditionally used board games and toys as tools to develop therapeutic relationships; engage a child in the therapeutic process; and explore dynamics of home, […]

Gravity Ghost

Running Around Outside Can Help Improve Executive Functions

Psychologists have long recognized that play is a child’s most basic tool for learning. While it’s easy to see how the creative play of working on an art project and […]

5 Popular Games That Help Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Many children with mild symptoms of autism (referred to as Level 1 autism spectrum disorder) enjoy playing popular video games with their peers. Playing popular video games allows them to […]