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calm app review
Platform/Console: , , , LWK Recommended Age: 9+ Thinking Skills Used: ,

Calm¬†is an iPad app and website that allows users to meditate, relax, and collect their thoughts. The layout and functionality is straightforward — as it should be for a calming app. It’s important to find time in the day to unwind and relax, and Calm provides the ideal setting to do so. A serene visual gently moves in the background while soothing soundscapes provide users with a way to escape from stress and the outside world. Calm offers voice-guided, timed meditation sessions in addition to the music track, allowing for a more focused and directed experience. There is a section for nature sounds as well as a meditation guide that lays out the “7 steps of calm.” Users can visit to get started or download the app on iTunes. Calm’s ease of use, simple concept, and soothing content make it suitable for all ages. We recommended Calm for children ages 9 and up, although younger users may find it just as relaxing and meaningful.

this is good for kids who need help with:


Getting started and then maintaining attention and effort to tasks.

screen568x568When users reach the point in an activity where they can go no further, either due to outside distraction or a lack of willpower, can help them summon the energy and passion required. Whether the activity is an assignment for school, a household chore, or an interactive game, breaks during these type of prolonged, and often mentally draining sessions are extremely helpful. When hitting that mental breaking point, users are encouraged to visit The narrated, "guided calm" setting might be most beneficial, as the voice will keep users from thinking about finishing their assignment, freeing them from the stress associated with it. After the session they will be more apt to work with a renewed energy and a restored faith in their ability, two important factors for progress.


Managing our actions, feelings and behaviors.

It's not always easy to control impulsive behaviors, but it's imperative to recognize them. When kids feel the need to yell or behave in a manner that is not suitable for their environment, Calm serves as an excellent tool to help them cool down. Instead of the narrated session, users who struggle with bouts of impulsivity might find it more beneficial to hear the calming music on its own. This way, they will not feel swayed by the prompts of the guided session, which, depending on the mood and disposition of the user, might be unsettling. Users should listen to the soundscapes and focus on their breath, mentally removing themselves from their current setting and letting their minds wander into the "wide screen" visuals that appear on their web browser. Slowly their anger or anxiety will dissipate and they will ease into a more mindful and peaceful state.

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