4 Fun Tech Activities for Kids with Anxiety This Halloween

While much of the population is eagerly looking forward to Halloween festivities, for many kids with anxiety, the days leading up to the holiday are filled with dread rather than […]

Beyond Games: The Truth About Cooperation

Part of school, an important part, is undeniably social. Learning how to get along well with others is necessary for both academic and personal success. Cooperation is a skill that […]

How Exercise Improves Executive Functions: Finding Games and Apps That Promote More Exercise in Kids

Vigorous physical exercise leads to improvement in executive-functioning skills. Studies detailed by John Ratey in his book “Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain” demonstrate how kids […]

Play Diet

What is a Play Diet? While video games and other digital media are essential for the academic and cognitive development of 21st Century children, here at LearningWorks for Kids we believe that such [...]

Prescribe Video Games for Depression and Anxiety

Need to relax? Feeling blue? Play a video game.

No, really. Did you know that playing video games can actually reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression? Some excellent recent […]

8 Best Games for Stress Relief

This article originally appeared on Pixelkin.org, a website dedicated to covering the latest news, reviews, and developments in games—with a special focus on families.

We at LearningWorks for Kids are delighted to partner with […]

Top 5 Smart Toys for 2014 Holiday Giving

What’s a smart toy? It’s a toy that’s made intelligent by electronics—like on-board computer chips, robotics, sensors, or speech recoginition. Sometimes smart toys are complete unto themselves, and sometimes they work with a computer, pad, or phone. All smart toys are real objects kids can touch and play with.

Treating ADHD with video games and exercise

A recent article in the Atlantic demonstrates the importance of exercise as a treatment tool for children with ADHD. There are a number of new  studies that suggest that 30-60 […]

Should I Put My Child On a “Play Diet?”

Should I put my child on a play diet? If you are like most parents, one of the issues you face is finding the best balance between digital play and […]

8 Reasons Children with Autism Should Play Video Games

There have been a number of reports over the past year that express concern about whether or not children with autism should play video games. These studies have indicated that […]