Top 5 Games for Kids Who Struggle With Depression

Children who are depressed run the risk of becoming socially isolated and may actively choose to be alone and away from others. As a result, they may spend too much time involved in solitary thoughts and begin to feel more comfortable engaging in solitary play. This can lead to unhealthy exposure to digital entertainment and result in them preferring not to interacting with others. If your child falls into a pattern of isolation, one strategy to get them excited about family interactions is to set up a time for the family play multiplayer games together.

Many video games are social by nature, and kids who play these social games with friends and family are more emotionally engaged than kids who only play games alone. Furthermore, active games can be a great remedy for a sullen mood, as vigorous exercise has been proven to reduce symptoms depression. Below, you’ll find our top five games to lift your child’s spirits and help them have fun with friends and family.

Top 5 Games for Kids Who Struggle With Depression

Wii Sports – This classic set of motion-based sports games recently got an all new update for the Wii U, but for families who own the original Wii, the original version still works great. Sports on offer are Bowling, Boxing, Baseball, Tennis and Golf.

Kinect Sports – Another great compilation of sports games available for families who have an Xbox 360 and Kinect. Between the original and its sequel, available sports include Bowling, Skiing, Tennis. Football, Darts, Golf and Baseball.

Kinect Adventures – This fun take on active gaming has multiple players working together in a variety of goofy, inventive scenarios like River Rush, Reflex Ridge, Rally Ball, Space Pop, and 20,00 Leaks.

Sports Champions – Another excellent collection of motion-based sports games for the PS3 that offers multiplayer fun for the whole family, including Disc Golf, Bocce Ball, Table Tennis and even Gladiator Duels. Note that you must have the PS Move peripheral in order to play.

New Super Mario Bros. U – If all the active games have you tired out, wind down with the over-the-top fun of classic Mario gameplay. With support for up to 5 players, there’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy. See our New Super Mario Bros. U review for game tips and family play strategies.

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