How do Video Games Affect Health and fitness

Do video games make kids fat? Certainly they can if playing video games is all they do. Sitting on a couch or staring at a computer screen for hours requires […]

How Tennis Improves Executive Functions

Tennis can be played individually or as a part of a team where cheering on teammates or playing doubles practices social-emotional learning skills. It’s a great game for kids who […]

Using Video Games and Technologies in a Clinical Practice

There is a legitimate reason that many parents of kids with ADHD are concerned with their digital media use. In general, these kids appear to love their digital media time […]

5 Ways to Improve Processing Speed in Children

Many parents and teachers who see capable kids falling behind in their schoolwork find that slow processing speed is the underlying cause. In the recent past, many educators and parents […]

Shape Up

Shape Up is an active fitness and exercise game for Xbox One Kinect.

Dance Central Spotlight

Trouble with Transitions: Flexibility and Academic Success

For some people, being mentally flexible comes naturally. A change of plans, an unexpected obstacle, or a new method of doing something are all taken in stride. But for many […]

The Recess Recession: Can Free Play and Technology Co-Exist?

Two of the biggest talking points in the world of early childhood education are “free play” and “technology,” terms that are usually at odds with each other.

Blended learning is […]

Star Wars Games That Improve Thinking Skills

Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit theaters across the country yesterday, setting international records. The Force Awakens has fully lived up to every bit of its hype, managing to awaken […]

Setting Limits: Holiday Edition – Tech Presents and Presence

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