X-Men: The Arcade Game

LQ: 7.5


Brain grade: 6.4
Fun score: 8.4

Game Type: ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ Platform/Console: , LWK Recommended Age: 7+ Thinking Skills Used: ,

In X-Men: The Arcade Game, players have to battle waves of enemies as they make their way across 2D side-scrolling levels. At the end of each level is a “boss” battle against a very tough enemy. Players can join up with other players online or offline, and choose from a variety of characters to play as from the X-Men team. Each character has their own set of attacks, as well as a powerful “mutant ability” that can periodically be used to clear out large amounts of enemies. The game features fantasy violence, and players use kicks, punches and special attacks to combat enemies and robots. There is no blood and the game is presented in a cartoon-like manner. Due to the mild violence, the game is recommended to players ages 7 and up.

This Game is Good for Kids Who Need Help With:


Managing our actions, feelings and behaviors. Managing anger and frustration.

Although the game starts off easy, the challenge quickly ramps up, and players will find their characters being defeated more frequently. While this is frustrating, players can set the amount of continues they receive, even giving themselves an unlimited amount to get started. That way, if defeated, they can jump right back into the game. As they get better, players can set the continues lower and lower to up the challenge. By sticking to it and remaining positive, players will soon be able to finish the game using less and less continues.

Furthermore, each character can use a special Mutant Power in addition to standard kicks and punches. Mutant Powers range from Cyclops' Beam to a Colossus' Earthquake, and can usually destroy any basic enemy upon impact. However, despite being powerful, these attacks are costly as they will remove three health points with each use. If players do not control the impulse to use these powers, they could end up in danger with too little health left. Good players will use the Mutant Power only in tough situations, refraining from using the powerful attacks excessively.


Understanding our own actions, thoughts and feelings.

X-Men: The Arcade Game is most fun when experienced with multiple players because it encourages all members to work together. Players will need to function as a team when battling enemies, whether that be by choosing specific targets to attack together, or by splitting health items when one player is more damaged than the other. If a stronger player does not help a weaker player, both may be overcome by mobs of enemies.

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