Tiler More

LQ: 8.9


Brain grade: 9.6
Fun score: 8.2

Game Type: , ESRB Rating: N/A Platform/Console: , LWK Recommended Age: 4+ Thinking Skills Used: , Academic Skills Used: ,

 iPhone iPad


Tiler More is a word creation puzzle game where the player moves through rounds by stacking and combining letters to create words. The game takes place on a 3×3 grid where some letters are already in place. A pile of letters to draw from sits above the grid. There is a list of words that the player needs to create before they can move on to the next level. By dragging and dropping the letters on top of one another, the player can spell out new words. But only three tiles can be placed on any one area of the grid, causing players to tap to organize certain letter combinations. If the board becomes full of letters and the player can no longer move letters around successfully, the round needs to be restarted. 

Tiler More has three separate levels, each varying in word difficulty and length. Hints and assists are not available in this game, meaning that the player needs to use all of their brainpower to check each word off of the list. 

Tiler More is appropriate for all age levels but younger players may need adult assistance with spelling and word recognition. The game is available for free on iOS. 

Tiler More helps kids practice and improve the following skills:

Flexibility: Adapting and adjusting to changing conditions and expectations. 

In each round of Tiler More, the player can see the words they need to create as soon as the game starts. However, they have no control over what letters appear on the 3x3 grid or what letters they will be able to draw from the pile. This is where flexibility is essential, because the player needs to take the letters that they are given and find combinations and placements that work for them in order to build all the necessary words. Players who struggle with flexibility may find that they draw too many tiles and lock themselves into certain parts of the grid without being able to move. They will then need to restart the level and try again. For these types of players, taking a moment to assess the board before drawing and placing any new letter tiles can give a better sense of where you need to move letter combinations and where you can afford to place what you have drawn from the letter pile. 

Organization: Arranging and coordinating materials in order to complete a task.

Because there are a finite number of spaces in which the player can move their letter combinations and only three letter tiles or combinations can fit on one section of the grid, the player needs to use their organization skills to make sure that they are keeping the letters and combinations that they need to form words in the correct order. Players who struggle with organization may find that they have moved certain letter tiles into unreachable spaces where they cannot create the words they need to move to the next level. Again, assessing the board before drawing any tiles or making any tile movements can help the player better understand and organize the space so they can check each word off their list. 

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