Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

LQ: 8.2


Brain grade: 7.8
Fun score: 8.6

Game Type: , ESRB Rating: Everyone Platform/Console: , LWK Recommended Age: 9+ Other Requirements: PlayStation Move (optional) Thinking Skills Used: , ,

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 is the latest installment of the popular game franchise, allowing players to choose their favorite golfers and take to the green. Just like real golf, the goal of the game is to get the ball into the hole using as few swings as possible. Players can golf for fun or for cash in any course, and even follow Tiger Woods through his career in the “Tiger Legacy Challenge.” Motion controls can be used on the PS3 version to simulate swinging the club to play, but requires the PlayStation Move peripheral. Players can use money earned during the game to buy new gear, golf clubs, and pins. Pins are part of a new system that grants bonuses to the golfer, like an increased driving range or more putt previews. There is no violence, but a fair amount of reading is needed to learn the controls of the game, so it is recommended to players ages 9 and up.

This Game is good for kids that need help with:

Self Awareness

Understanding our own actions, thoughts, and feelings.

This game requires players to continually assess their performance by rethinking their approach shot to shot. Players will need to notice what went right or wrong with their swing, and decide how to adjust and improve their moves for the next attempt. If the player knocks the ball over the green, he will need to realize that his club may be too heavy, or that he is putting too much power into his swing. After becoming aware of this, he should try another club or try a softer swing until he figures out what works. Mulligan mode lets players retry their swing, allowing more opportunities for trial and error learning.


Developing a systematic approach for setting and achieving goals.

This game can also help the player practice his Planning skills by encouraging him to strategically place shots and plot the best possible course to the hole. The player can't just drive the ball, and must look ahead to avoid sand traps and the rough. While the ball may not go as far, the player will not need to worry about getting stuck.

The player also must think ahead when choosing which clubs and pins to equip his golfer with. If the player wants to drive balls with more force, he must plan on equipping pins that grant him that ability.

Self Control

Managing our actions, feelings, and behaviors. 

This game can also help with Self Control skills by forcing players to carefully manage the power they apply behind each swing. This is best examplified in the PS3 version, which allows the player to use motion controls via the PlayStation Move. If the hole is only a short distance away, players will need to minimize the arc of their swing and use less force when driving the ball. While it is fun to really slam the ball down the course, some situations require little force. Putting also requires the player to use a small amount of power, so players must control their impulses and hit the ball just right.

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