Steampunk Tower

LQ: 8.8


Brain grade: 9.0
Fun score: 8.6

ESRB Rating: N/A Platform/Console: , LWK Recommended Age: 10+ Thinking Skills Used: ,


Lord Bingham desperately needs your help to protect his precious Etherium Mine from the Imperial Army! To do so, you’ll have to take control of the Steampunk Tower and eradicate all who try to attack. Steampunk Tower is reminiscent of tower defense games, but provides it’s own unique twists. Your weapons are your allies but they must be placed about the tower with care so that they can dish out significant damage. With help from the research leader, Jane, you will be able to upgrade your weapons – turrets, canons, saw launchers and more, so that you can save the Etherium from powerful enemies. Although you begin low in the hierarchy of military ranks, you can slowly make it to the top with one promotion after another – after all, there are over 20 battlefields and 7 bonus challenges in which to perfect your skills. Steampunk Tower requires a small amount of reading to navigate menus and is rated for players ten and older, primarily in consideration of the presence of cartoon violence and blood.




Arranging and coordinating materials in order to complete a task.

photo 3The only way to save the tower from crippling enemy rces is to take them all out of course! It's a hefty task, but with the right units for the job the enemies won't stand a chance. Organizing his weapons facilitates the swift destruction of his enemies, but is also not a simple task. When the player uses Organization skills in the game, he selects his weapons based on the enemies he expects to face, he moves his weapons around the tower as necessary depending on enemy location and type, and he continually upgrades his weapons as money allows during, after, and before battles.

Consider the air forces - with the exception of the "Mina" helicopter, all are vulnerable to lighting coils and thus should be combated with such. If they are approaching from both sides, the player ought to ensure they are placed in both directions. The tank forces, on the other hand, are weak to the heavy cannon but strong against lightning coils, so if they're approaching from the left and his cannons are facing to the right…move them! If he didn't buy any cannons…well, get one, quick! Using incorrect weapons, weapons in the wrong place, or just plain weak weapons (because the player hasn't upgraded them), represents a failure to maintain a strong defense system that could have been avoided with Organization skills. As a final note, when the player upgrades his weapons, somewhat evenly distributing the upgrades would prevent him from ending up with a dichotomy of very strong and very weak weapons. He won't be able to win certain battles if the enemy types presented in them require the use of his weaker weapons, so good organizational skills when upgrading are key to making it further into the game.


Adapting and adjusting to changing conditions and expectations.

photo 1In most tower defense games, once the towers/weapons have been placed there is no turning back; they can't be moved. However in Steampunk Tower, the player has loads of control over his weapons. During battle he can move weapons from any side (left or right) or any level of the tower. This is particularly helpful as the waves of enemies don't always come from both sides evenly. Additionally, he can upgrade weapons during battle as well, making them stronger, faster, or more effective. This is important, considering new enemies continually appear with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Whether it be enemy type, direction of enemy invasion, or weaponry used, Flexibility skills are going to allow the player to act the most advantageously to his predicament(s).

For example, moving an effective assortment of weapons to the tower's left side when enemies all seem to be coming from there is showing Flexibility to the current situation - the player is noticing a change in circumstances (before, enemies were coming from both directions) and is adjusting his weaponry accordingly (to focus on one direction). Matching up weapons to correspond well with enemy weaknesses is yet another way to modify gameplay tactics in response to a new problem. Sticking with the same selection of weapons he started the battle with is most likely going to end up inadequate for the multiple types of enemies requiring different attacks to incur any measurable damage.

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