Stack Rabbit

LQ: 9.1


Brain grade: 8.2
Fun score: 8.6

Game Type: ESRB Rating: N/A Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 6+ Thinking Skills Used: ,

iTunes, Google Play

In this game, players take on the role of Ben the rabbit, who must look after and feed the bunnies left behind by his vacationing sibling. With so many mouths to feed, Ben decides to secretly snag veggies from a nearby farm. Players hop about veggie patches, landing on vegetables to stack them up on Max’s head. Stack three matches, and they’re yours. A guard dog named Max sleeps nearby, and will wake up after a set amount of moves, meaning players must work strategically to gather enough food in time. To help them, players can collect power-ups like crop dusters, bunny cannons and lightning veggies. Stack Rabbit is easy to learn and does not require the use of any academic skills, making it recommended for players ages six and up.




Developing a systematic approach for setting and achieving goals. Improving short-term planning.

photo 2Although there are a few different types of levels with unique requirements, the necessity of looking ahead is a common thread between them all. The player has a limited number of matches he can make before Max wakes up, so it is wise to ensure that unnecessary matches are avoided. This is especially important in the levels that require veggies to be matched (with three or more) in a specific order. If he needs to collect 12 carrots, any other veggies he matches in the meantime won't help reach the goal but will certainly reduce his remaining available matches. Therefore, it's really helpful for the player to sequence out the next one or two moves before making any movements. This is more challenging than it seems, considering that any time he passes over a vegetable it is collected. It is impossible to always avoid picking up veggies not needed for the next match, however with a bit of forethought and planning, he can set up his stack to be ready for future matches using a "sandwich" strategy. For instance, if he collects 2 strawberries, 3 carrots, and then 1 more strawberry, the sandwiched carrots become a match and disappear, leaving the strawberries. These 3 strawberries then become another match! When he doesn't look ahead to intelligently decide where to move next or what veggies to collect, it becomes much easier to pick up random vegetables that end up toppling over.

Also, Ben can only hold 7 veggies at a time and if none of them create a match of three, he loses all the vegetables and his remaining allotment of matches is reduced. Additionally, veggies can grow back after being picked up. This means a clear pathway could grow into an assortment of random veggies he may not need but has to pass over anyways, because he didn't look ahead to realize they would get in his way. Although there isn't one strict way to finish each level, he must always use Planning skills in order to have a chance at sneaking past Max with enough food collected for the bunny littles.


Adapting and adjusting to changing conditions and expectations.

Some levels need a collection of vegetables in a certain order, while others may simply want a collection of boxes in any order. Being able to switch strategies and focus is essential to success between level to level. This is especially important in some of the most challenging levels where Max isn't sleeping! The player has to fulfill the level's requirements all while keeping an eye on Max and dodging his charges. This is very different to the approach taken when Max is sleeping, since the player has the opportunity to carefully plan his steps at a relaxed pace on those types of levels. He most certainly cannot do that when Max is awake! Decisions are mostly made on the fly in those situations, which demands a different way of thinking. Clearly, relying on previous methods is inappropriate in that context. To do well in the game, he must use an open-ended approach to the levels by examining the requirements and adjusting his strategy as necessary.

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