Scribble Hero

LQ: 8.4


Brain grade: 7.9
Fun score: 8.9

Game Type: , ESRB Rating: N/A Platform/Console: , LWK Recommended Age: 6+ Thinking Skills Used: ,


Scribble Hero is an action packed shooter game which takes place on a school notebook page. Players control Sketch, a fearless doodle who is prepared to defend the player’s notebook page against a host of robots, aliens, and other enemy creatures. Using a variety of weapons, upgrades, sidekicks, and other items players destroy a sea of enemies which spawn from random points on the edges of the notebook. Enemies drop power-up items which can help Sketch on his quest to protect the page. Completing levels grants players coins that can be used to purchase new weapons, upgrade items and power-ups, or other helpful tools. Players must successfully survive each level while destroying as many enemies as possible while collecting coins, dodging damaging attacks, and defeating bosses. Scribble Hero contains a minimal amount of cartoonish violence without blood or gore and is appropriate for any player ages 6 and up.




Adapting and adjusting to changing conditions and expectations.

Scribble Hero 3Scribble Hero tasks users with destroying a number of different enemies using a variety of tactics, weapons, power-ups, and other helpful items. Enemies' speeds, abilities, and weapons vary widely and players must adapt to these circumstances quickly as enemies appear at random from different points on the screen. Players who are able to adapt strategies quickly will outperform those who find themselves unable to stray from pre-conceived plans. For example, enemies appear in waves and players must quickly be able to change positions, activate power-ups, or acquire important dropped items like shields and bombs to overcome the most difficult portions of a level. Players who adapt to quickly changing circumstances will gain higher scores, more points, and better "grades" on their level performances than those who do not.


Developing a systematic approach for setting and achieving goals.

Completing levels grants players in-game coins which can be used to purchase a number of helpful items and upgrades necessary to defeat more difficult levels and enemies. Players must make decisions about which items to purchase, as well as when and how to make these purchases. For example, spending all of their coins upgrading a single item, rather than saving some coins and upgrading numerous helpful items could make the player's character too weak in some areas. Players must create a plan about which items to purchase and upgrade and decide how many coins they wish to save.


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