LQ: 8.2


Brain grade: 8
Fun score: 8.3

Game Type: ESRB Rating: N/A Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 6+ Thinking Skills Used: , Academic Skills Used:

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Pivvot is a mobile game in which players must guide a ball through a side-scrolling obstacle course. Various geometric shaped impediments force players to stay on their toes. The ball can be moved 360 degrees in a circle to avoid the blockades. It’s a fairly simple game to pick up, but extremely difficult to master. The longer players adeptly steer clear of impediments, the faster the screen scrolls. Pivvot features two modes of play. In endless mode players must try to stay on course for as long as they can. More difficult levels are unlocked when players reach certain time limit. Voyage play allows users to save their progress upon reaching the end of a checkpoint, and each checkpoint features a different pattern of obstacles. Even though it’s hard to last even thirty seconds without hitting an obstacles, Pivvot is still recommended to children ages 6 and up because it’s an easy game to learn, but difficult to master.

this game is good for kids who need help with:

Working Memory

Because there are a limited number of patters to the way the course is designed, players can essentially memorize the layout to anticipate the next obstacle. It's one of the advantages to playing often. If players are able to survive longer, they will get to see more of the obstacles. Simply put, players can use what they learned from previous races to plan the way they will approach the the rest of the course. Succeeding in Pivvot is a testament to player's memory, as long-term and shot term recall are important to engage when seeking higher scores. Although the course will not be the same every time, players who can internalize the layout will ultimately fare better to those who play each game with a "blank slate."


While there are some similarities in course maps, players still have to adjust quickly to ever-changing side scrolling terrain. They must angle the ball differently each time a new obstacle is introduced -- and they don't have much time. Players have to make decisions quickly, almost instinctively, as the pace of the game continues to pick up. One moment players must avoid a windmill blade shapes with a 360 degree sweep, and the next they have to carefully fit the ball between two triangles. Players are constantly adapting to different shapes and obstacles. Pivvot is a great game for learning how the flexibility thinking skill functions in an immersive gaming environment.

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