Mini-Guide: Lines Physics Drawing Puzzle

LQ: 9.3


Brain grade: 9.0
Fun score: 9.6

Lines Physics Drawing Puzzle
Game Type: ESRB Rating: Everyone Platform/Console: , , , LWK Recommended Age: Any Thinking Skills Used: ,

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Lines Physics Drawing Puzzle is an abstract game where the player is given a line drawing with several dots on it. The dots are in different colors and represent “the competition.” In the main mode, the player then places their dot (or dots, in some levels) on the drawing. The dots automatically begin spreading out as lines to “claim” parts of the drawing. Whichever color claims the most wins the level.

If the player wins, they unlock another level. Every ten levels they play, they have to watch a video ad in order to unlock more levels. After a set number of levels won, they unlock a new mode. There are several new modes (each with its own twist on the game).

This game has a slightly different name for each of its three platforms. On Apple, it is Lines The Game. On Google Play, it is Lines Physics Drawing Puzzle. And on Steam, it is simply Lines. All three of these games are the same game. The ESRB rated it E for Everyone and LW4K stands by this rating.

Lines Physics Drawing Puzzle helps kids practice and improve the following skills:

Lines Physics Drawing PuzzlePlanning

Developing a systematic approach for setting and achieving goals.

This game requires the player to solve several types of problems--every different mode presents a different type of puzzle. In the first mode, the player must figure out where to place their dots so that they claim the most amount of the picture. The second mode requires the player to place "cuts" on the drawing to stop the competitor colors. The third mode asks the player to add a new path to the drawing. All of these require planning and problem solving or the player won't be able to unlock new levels or modes.

Time Management

Being efficient and aware of our use of time and effort.

The "race" aspect of this game means the player also needs to be using their time management skills. If they can't figure out the pace all the colors will be filling in the drawing, they're not going to be able to know how fast their color can move. And if they can't figure that out, they're not going to be able to estimate how long it takes for any of the colors to block off their competitors. In other words, if they can't imagine how fast the colors move and meet up with each other, they won't know where to place their dots, cuts, or new pathways. And if they can't do that, they can't unlock new levels and modes.

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