Mini-Guide: Lemmings: The Official Game

LQ: 8.9


Brain grade: 8.8
Fun score: 9.0

Lemmings: The Official Game
Game Type: ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 10+ Thinking Skills Used: ,

Android  |  iTunes

Lemmings: The Official Game is one of many retro games that has recently gotten an update for on-the-phone play. It has levels with classic lemmings play where the player must dig, build, and float as many lemmings to safety as possible. Each action completed within a level requires energy. The player has a limited amount of energy, which refills over time or may be bought with in-app purchases. Lemmings: The Official Game also has the player saving the lemmings for a purpose: to complete missions (or work) on different worlds. There is also a tournament mode once you reach level four.

This game has both in-app purchases and the opportunity to watch ads for rewards. The ESRB rated it Everyone 10+ for infrequent/mild cartoon or fantasy violence. LW4K stands by this rating.

Lemmings: The Official Game helps kids practice and improve the following skills:

FlexibilityLemmings: The Official Game

Adapting and adjusting to changing conditions and expectations.

Lemmings: The Official Game is a game that is perfectly suited to practicing flexibility thinking skills. Specifically, the player must be able to adapt to obstacles. The entire premise of the game is getting your lemmings safely through, over, or around obstacles. The neat part about this game is that even though the player may have had to dig through an obstacle before, each level arranges these obstacles in different ways. This means that, although it's possible a player has seen that obstacle before, they still have to be flexible in how they deal with it. In some instances, they may be able to ignore it. In others, they may need one simple action to get around it. Others still may require a combination of actions to tackle the obstacle. No matter what, though, the player must remain flexible if they want to continue saving as many lemmings as possible. If they don't, they will fail the levels and use up all their energy, causing them to have to wait for the energy to regenerate before they can attempt the level again.


Developing and retaining information in our minds while working.

Planning is also very important in Lemmings: The Official Game. Because these are short levels, and the lemmings move quickly, the focus of the planning is short-term. The player only needs to plan ahead two or three steps and for a total of twenty to thirty seconds. It's important that the player plan ahead so they aren't using up all their energy on useless moves. If they dig three times, but only needed to dig once, they will burn through their energy very quickly. Planning out the steps they will take is the only way to use the minimum amount of energy for the maximum amount of lemmings saved.

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