Leap Day

LQ: 9.0


Brain grade: 9.5
Fun score: 8.5

Leap Day
Game Type: ESRB Rating: Everyone Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: Any Thinking Skills Used: ,

Android  |  iTunes

In Leap Day, the player controls a character as he jumps–or leaps–up through a level of various obstacles and platforms. The player must time these jumps carefully, watching out for lasers and moving platforms, as well as performing double jumps and bouncing off of walls and other objects. Each day there is a new level to play. Completing a level earns you a prize and a trophy on the calendar.

Players can replay days that they started but never completed. If they miss a day on Leap Day, they can unlock the level by watching a video. There are in-game ads and purchases available. The ESRB rated this game E for Everyone and LW4K stands by this rating.

Leap Day helps kids practice and improve the following skills:

Leap DayFlexibility

Adapting and adjusting to changing conditions and expectations.

Leap Day has a wide variety of obstacles, some stationary and some moving. There are also different heights and types of jumps the player will need to execute. All of this means that the player has to be flexible. A simple jump or even double jump is not going to be enough to conquer a level. They will have to watch for lasers, bounce off walls, and even sometimes slide down a wall before bouncing off of it. If the player does not work on coping with change, trying new things, and adapting to obstacles, they will not be able to beat the level for the day.

Time Management

Being efficient and aware of our use of time and effort.

This game also requires the player to practice keeping pace and estimating "deadlines" of when a laser is going to come back on. These skills are absolutely necessary for the player to be able to time their jumps--even the simplest of jumps--correctly to get as high as they need to without getting killed. If the player doesn't exercise these skills and simply taps randomly without thinking first, they will be unable to complete the level.

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