Mini-Guide: Cut the Rope: Magic

LQ: 8.7


Brain grade: 8.4
Fun score: 9

Game Type: ESRB Rating: Everyone Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 5+ Thinking Skills Used: ,

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When the hungry green hero of the Cut the Rope games, Om Nom, discovers a magic book, he learns how to change his form, transforming into various animals such as fish and birds, as well as shrinking his size. But while he’s distracted by the book, an evil spider wizard steals Om Nom’s candies right out from under his nose! Now you must help Om Nom reclaim his tasty treats and defeat the wizard once and for all! The Cut the Rope series features puzzles that have players strategically cutting ropes in a level, guiding the candy in each stage to Om Nom. Players may also attempt to collect three stars in each level in order to unlock more levels as they play. The newest installation in the series, Cut the Rope: Magic, lets Om Nom transform, allowing him to interact with each level in different ways. The ESRB has rated Cut the Rope: Magic E for Everyone. LW4K finds that Cut the Rope: Magic‘s content is appropriate for all ages and gameplay is easy to learn, enabling kids as young as 5 to benefit from the thinking skill practice offered by the game.



Adapting and adjusting to changing conditions and expectations

With each new level introduced to players, Om Nom will be able to change into one specific form according to what the puzzle requires. Because of this, players cannot use the same tricks to solve every problem. This encourages players to learn how each of the different forms will help collect the star collectibles and guide the candy to Om Nom in each stage.

Mid-way through a given puzzle, players may need to interact with certain aspects of the environment, such as fans. These varying obstacles require them to be flexible enough to recognize and utilize the appropriate objects in the moment.


Developing a systematic approach for setting and achieving goals.

In certain stages, players will need to map out the actions that they take in order to collect all the stars or send the candy in the appropriate direction. By taking the time to plan out the various stages of moving Om Nom and the candy through the level, players will have an easier time succeeding in gathering all the stars and proceeding through each level.

Stars can be particularly difficult to collect, requiring players to manipulate the candy or Om Nom in odd ways before solving the full puzzle. By planning, players will be able to recognize how to get these stars prior to completing the level, allowing them to unlock and progress to even more stages.

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