LQ: 8.9


Brain grade: 9.2
Fun score: 8.6

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Game Type: ESRB Rating: N/A Platform/Console: LWK Recommended Age: 7+ Thinking Skills Used: , , Academic Skills Used:

FarmVille is a farming simulation game where players plant crops, raise animals, plant trees, craft goods and more. Players can simply maintain their farm or take on specific quests, with players earning coins through various farming activities, such as selling crops and harvesting trees. They then use the coins to purchase decorative items, functional items, construction materials for buildings, etc. There is no main goal or end to FarmVille, leaving players free to operate their farm however they see fit, maintaining it for simple enjoyment, taking on quests for special items, or just interacting with other players to trade goods. The game does not contain any offensive or inappropriate content, however it does require basic reading capability. Due to these factors, FarmVille is recommended for players 7 and older.

This Game is Good for Kids Who Need Help With:

Time Management

Being efficient and aware of our use of time and effort.

In Farmville, the player can earn coins, XP, and special items through completing quests. The quests must be completed within a certain number of days, and thus require appropriate use of game time. For example, the player may need to plant corn, which takes 3 days to grow. If she only has 4 days to complete the quest, she must use her time wisely and plant the corn within one day of the quest's start, so she has enough time to grow and harvest the corn. By paying close attention to the time she has and the tasks she must complete, she will be able to complete more quests and win premium items.


Arranging and coordinating materials in order to complete a task.

Ensuring your farm is logically laid out makes managing it much easier. If the player simply scatters buildings, plants and animals around the farm haphazardly, she will be left with a intelligible mess. To keep track of crops more easily, players should group objects together logically, ensuring they don't block the view of crucial items so the crops do not over ripen. For example, placing tall trees along the back of the farm allows the next row to be filled with the next tallest tree, and so forth, making it easier to visually keep track of the progress of the farm.


Developing a systematic approach for setting and achieving goals.

The most basic farming duty in Farmville is to plant crops to harvest for coins. The crops vary in harvesting time from 2 hours to 3 days and all crops will eventually wither if not harvested within the time limit. This means that the player must plan her crops appropriately so that when the time comes to harvest, she is able to play the game.

For example, planting raspberries -- a two hour crop -- before going to bed is not wise as the player will most likely not be able to harvest the crops within the wilting window (in this case, 4 hours). A failure to think ahead about when she can attend to her crops again will cost her coins and time because she will have to replant the crops without earning any profit.

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