Dungeon Hunter / Alliance

LQ: 7.8


Brain grade: 7.4
Fun score: 8.1

Dungeon Hunter / Alliance
Game Type: ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ Platform/Console: , , , , , LWK Recommended Age: 10+ Thinking Skills Used: Academic Skills Used:

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In Dungeon Hunter, the player awakens after two years of being presumed dead and must travel back to his kingdom in order to reclaim his throne. Along the way, the player will fight fearsome monsters, level up to learn more skills, and collect new items and equipment to help him on his journey. The violence in this game is consistent, but fantasy-based, revolving around battling monsters with magic and medieval weaponry. There is a moderate amount of reading, which is required to follow the plot, understand quests and read equipment descriptions. Due to the moderate fantasy violence and reading requirements, Dungeon Hunter is recommended for players ages 10 and up.


This Game is Good for Kids Who Need Help With:


Arranging and coordinating materials and activities in order to complete a task. Organizing ideas.

In Dungeon Hunter, the player must manage and organize various facets of his character in order to be effective in battle. As the player obtains new equipment from treasure chests or defeated enemies, he must manage his current inventory to determine whether or not he should make a weapon or armor change with the new equipment. In addition to managing equipment, the player's character will peridocdically "level-up." When this happens, the player spends points in order to increase attributes or to learn and improve special skills. In order to construct an effective character, the player must have a vision of the sort of character that he wants to play as, whether that is a dedicated lightning wizard or a character that is well-balanced across many skills. Once skill points are spent, there is no going back, so the player must think carefully about these decisions, determining how to best organize the character's equipment and abilities.


Getting started and then maintaining attention and effort to tasks.

Remaining alert is an important part of Dungeon Hunter. Whether it entails monitoring the character or the surrounding environment, the player will find he must always hold a heightened sense of awareness. First, he must keep a close eye on his own character. This means monitoring the character's health bar, as well as managing magic reserves. Should the player fail to attend to these elements, he will quickly find himself in a fight he cannot handle. While exploring, the player will also have to pay attention to his character's position in relation to various enemies and environmental hazards, as the monsters in Dungeon Hunter can sometimes seemingly appear from nowhere. Good Focus skills will allow the player to better dodge attacks and maintain a position of strategic advantage. An inattentive player may quickly find himself surrounded, or on the receiving end of a powerful enemy attack. There are also many small puzzles and treasure chests to uncover in the environment, so the player must keep his eyes peeled to ensure that he does not miss something important.

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