LQ: 8.7


Brain grade: 8.3
Fun score: 9.1

Game Type: ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 10+ Thinking Skills Used: , ,

Taking control of the young adventurer simply known as “The Kid,” players enter the world of the Calamity, a crumbling, once-beautiful city whose denizens have turned from peaceful folks into terrible monsters. The Kid’s adventure centers around the Bastion: an area built by the citizens in case of such a disaster. From the Bastion, the Kid (with the help of some survivors) goes out into Calamity vanquishing the foes that await him in attempts to reclaim his city from the forces of darkness. This game contains some mild cartoon violence and is recommended for players ages 10 and up.





Getting started and then maintaining attention and effort to tasks

bastion-secret-skills-guideBastion's level-based gameplay has the player entering areas of Calamity that become more and more infested with monsters. As these foes become more frequent and powerful, the player must match these challenges by further focusing their attention on the action taking place and building on their grasp of the controls. Although the levels are somewhat short, the combat is fast-paced, battles are frequent (and often surprising), and there are usually no fewer than 10 enemies in a battle at once. This is where the player's Focus skills are truly tested: remaining focused amidst ongoing distractions and maintaining this focus throughout the level so as to not get ambushed.


Managing her feelings, actions and behaviors

Bastion-Bull-at-the-shrineThe player has a limited number of lives, so dying in combat usually results in having to restart the level. As levels become more difficult, the player might become frustrated with restarting again and again. Becoming angry with the game is a natural response, but can act as a handicap to your chances of progressing. Because the game requires such tight comprehension of the Kid's surroundings (i.e., the crumbling platforms beneath the player and enemy attacks) becoming irritated leads to improvident decisions which will keep player repeating failed attempts.


Adapting and adjusting to changing conditions and expectations

url-2While in the Bastion, the player has the chance to equip the Kid with a variety of weapons and abilities which suit various play-styles. The Kid can equip 2 weapons and one special ability at a time. As the game progresses, players can buy new weapons and abilities from the store located in the Bastion, giving them further customization options. Which weapons they choose greatly affects how they'll play the game. For instance, choosing a mine dropping gun and sniper rifle allows you take enemies out from a distance, while opting for a machete and double pistols allows the player to jump right into the brawl with quick strikes. Add special abilities to the mix and players have even more options, allowing them to customize their character and experiment with equipment until they find a load-out which fits their current needs and style of play.

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