The Kreator

The Kreator is an easy-going game that still allows for thinking skills practice. The player controls a ball of light, rolling and bouncing along the surface of a planet. As […]

Dream Walker

Dream Walker gives a surreal twist and unique pacing to the popular running style games. The player is in charge of a girl who is dream walking. She begins moving […]

Mama Hawk

In Mama Hawk, the player controls a mother hawk who has to feed one or more babies (depending on the level) until they are old enough to leave the nest. […]

Banana Bunch

In Banana Bunch, the player controls a monkey as he jumps up an endless forest. The forest contains bananas, power-ups, and obstacles. The game starts with a simple tap of […]

Snoopy Spot the Difference

Snoopy Spot the Difference is a find the difference game themed around Peanuts characters. The player starts with Snoopy and finds the differences in several pictures per level. Stars are […]


Piffle is a puzzle ball adventure with a cat theme. The player uses cat-head shaped balls to bounce off walls and other objects positioned above their person (who is dressed […]

Mini-Guide: Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III,¬†first published in 1994 for the Super Nintendo, is now also available (as Final Fantasy VI) on Android, iOS, Amazon, SNES Classic Mini (as Final Fantasy III), and […]

Squashy Bug

Squashy Bug is one of the simplest games to learn. The player pushes on the right or left side of the screen to cause a bug to go in the […]

Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a fantasy game where the player fights enemies by tapping on their screen. There are adventure fights, where the player is attempting to make […]

Mini-Guide: Zombie Catchers

In this cartoon-ish take on the zombie apocalypse, the player controls a zombie hunter who catches and then juices a variety of zombies.¬† Zombie Catchers breaks these steps of the […]

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