Braid 2

This puzzle game helps with Working Memory and Planning, and is recommended for kids aged 10+.


Wikipedia is an online community encyclopedia where users can learn from or contribute to informational resources on just about any topic imaginable.


Sky View is an amazing augmented reality app that reveals the stars, planets, and other astrological features that surround the user. is a great website and app for listening to a variety of online radio stations, or for creating your own unique playlist and sharing music with others.

LeapPad 2

LeapPad 2 is the leading educational tablet designed for children. Users can purchase games, apps and extensions for practicing reading, writing, mathematics, and for exploring a number of children’s stories.

iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is an Apple device for listening to music and downloading a massive variety of apps from games, to assistive technology solutions.


Kidspiration is a mind mapping and information organizing software designed specially for K-5 students. Users can brainstorm and organize their thoughts in a visual map, create a written outline from this design, or depict math problems using visual display tools.

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