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Coach’s Eye is a video analysis app that allows users to record, review in slow motion, and annotate footage of athletes in action. A coach, parent, or teammate, can record their voice over the video, while drawing lines to indicate where changes and improvements can be made to the athletes form or technique. Users can also save and share video files with comments. Athletes in all sports can benefit from seeing themselves in action and receiving advice from a coach or mentor. Users can also save and share video files with comments. The app’s use is applicable to aspiring athletes of any age, but its more critical elements are best suited for children ages 6 and up.

This app is good for kids who need help with:


Getting started and then maintaining attention and effort to tasks.

Coach’s Eye encourages both users and athletes to practice Focus. While using the app, users must focus closely on the technique and motions of the athlete, annotating advice, corrections, or praise. In turn, athletes must concentrate on using the advice given through Coach’s Eye to improve their execution, making note of where mistakes were made and how best to correct them. Understanding where and how to apply changes and proper technique is essential to utilizing this app to its greatest potential.


Understanding our own actions, thoughts and feelings.

Coach’s Eye motivates athletes to monitor their movements and techniques, while making improvements based on the advice of a coach or mentor. Practicing Self-Awareness is essential to improving an athlete’s performance in conjunction with Coach’s Eye. Athletes must know and understand their strengths, weaknesses, and limitations. Athletes must also be mindful of their positioning and technique. To capitalize on the added benefit of feedback from a third party, athletes must be willing to accept feedback or constructive criticism, allowing for and understanding a third party perspective on the athlete’s own performance.

Working Memory

Recalling and retaining information in our mind while working. Following directions.

Using the guidance of Coach’s Eye to improve athletic performance requires athletes to translate the lessons and techniques displayed on screen to real-life applications. Utilizing the annotations and illustrations provided by a coach or mentor means the athlete must be able to successfully recall and implement instructions on the practice field. Practicing Working Memory is an essential part of transferring the directions in the app to real life, executing corrections while performing a physical activity.

Try some of the specific suggestions below, or let us know how you use this app in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

Focus Activity

Have your child practice swinging at a baseball, completing a lay up, throwing a football, or practicing another sports related skill, and use Coach's Eye to film the scene. Then, have your child watch the video in slow motion and try to focus on areas that could use improvement. Your child can annotate and record commentary, or you (or a coach) can go through the process of commenting with them.

Self-Awareness Activity

Have your child complete a practice activity for a sports related skill, and film the attempt. Before your child watches the video, ask him to reflect on how well he did. Was he positioned in the right place? Did he use proper form, follow through, or keep an eye on the ball? By trying to accurately judge his performance before receiving commentary, your child will need to really think about how the physical motions were carried out. Your child needs to be able to identify strengths and weaknesses. Film a series of videos where your child does practice activities for a variety of sports skills. He should try to determine which are his weakest and strongest areas before watching the videos, and then watch while receiving feedback from a coach. Finally, your child should try to determine if he accurately judged his own performance, and why or why not.

Working Memory Activity

An essential component of Coach's Eye is being able to recreate the changes that are suggested in a coach's commentary and annotations. After receiving feedback, have your child pay close attention to any lines or comments, and where changes need to be made. Your child should keep these adjustments in mind and try again, remembering the cues indicated in the video feedback. Have your child try to recreate the changes indicated in the video by first discussing a plan to achieve success. He should then explain specifically how and when to make adjustments, and then try to execute the changes.

Coach's Eye & ADHD

Children with ADHD often have trouble analyzing and controlling their behaviors. It is difficult to self-regulate hyperactivity when children are not aware of exactly what their actions entail. With the Coach's Eye filming process, children with ADHD are able to examine their negative behaviors - especially those that relate to athletic and physical endeavors. Following directions from a parent or coach are often hard to follow for children with this disability, however, with the help of this app, children can make behavioral and physical adjustment to their sports-related actions. How To Use Coach's Eye For Kids With ADHD

  • Coach's Eye gives children the ability to see the nature of their behaviors. The highlighting function, which allows coach's, parents, or children to draw circles, arrows, and lines on video, helps children to break down their behavioral mechanics by frame, and make adjustments to negative or faulty actions.
  • Children with ADHD will see improvement in their working memory, as they are forced to translate the changes made to their on-screen actions, into a real-life performance. They must remember the on corrections made within the app, and apply the necessary adjustments into a physical act.
  • The app's capability to slow the frame-rate allows children with ADHD to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and limitations. Understanding mechanical shortcomings, makes it possible to makes meaningful changes in sporting endeavors.

Coach's Eye is a rather unique app, but if you're looking for an alternative to try out, check out our recommendation below:

Ubersense Coach

This is another comprehensive coaching app that allows users to record activity, and then analyze and interpret the video using annotating tools. Find out more here.

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