ABC Mouse

LQ: 9.3


Brain grade: 9.6
Fun score: 9

Platform/Console: , , , LWK Recommended Age: 2–6 Thinking Skills Used: , , Academic Skills Used: ,

ABC Mouse an interactive online learning academy designed for young children. The curriculum teaches subject-specific education basics through a host of fun and immersive selection of games and activities. With a robust selection of over 3000 different activities, online study can meet the varied needs of each individual learner. Through comprehensive step-by-step scaffolding and both independent and guided learning, children will be able to match their lessons to their “level.” Upon completing lessons in the “step by step path”, children “graduate” and move on to the next set of related material at a higher level of difficulty. Levels are numbered 1-6; 1 denoting preschool and 6 for kindergarten. Children can create a custom avatar in their own likeness for a more realistic and personalized approach to each lesson. It is a subscription based paid program, but the first month is free. There is also an adapted version, optimized for the Apple mobile devices, where subscribers can watch educational videos, animated by the developers.¬†ABC Mouse is recommended for children ages 2-6.

this app is good for kids who need help with:


Getting started and then maintaining attention and effort to tasks.

Goal directed persistence is a facet of the focus thinking skill that is prominent in ABC Mouse -- especially in "step by step path" instruction. Here children are presented with a series of levels, numbered 1 though 6, each representing a different difficulty setting. When children finish level six, that have completed ABC Mouse's kindergarten equivalent. Obviously children must focus and direct their attention to the task at hand in order to advance. But more importantly, they will be working towards a series of goals. And it's with setting and achieving goals where ABC Mouse thrives. Children should complete each activity in one sitting, as it will help them to avoid distractions, and work towards advancing to the next level, or "graduating." Implicitly, they will naturally acquire stronger goal-directed persistence skills.

Working Memory

Recalling and retaining information in our mind while working.

The "step by step path" method that ABC Mouse employs also help children strengthen their working memory skills. It works like this: as children continue to advance to newer and more difficult levels, they are building knowledge though a based on the principle of scaffolding. Children must use prior knowledge from previous lessons in order to succeed and score well in later activities. Think of like a set of building blocks, in which having a strong base is necessary in order to continue adding to the structure. The same is true for young learners. And as children achieve higher levels, they must apply what they learned in earlier games and activities to continue moving up.


Understanding our own actions, thoughts and feelings.

Self-analysis and metacognition are skills that will help children in the classroom, socially, and eventually in the workplace. It's important that children track their progress, so they can make behavioral changes if they are not showing signs of improvement. Although the "progress" tracking part of the site is located under the password protected parents section, parents are advised to review the progress with their children. Under "progress" children are able to monitor the learning actives they completed, as well as gauging their mastery of reading and math from levels 1 through 6. Even creating an avatar gets children thinking about how they present themselves and their more physical features, as they create a figure after their own likeness.


There are a number of early-level e-books for children to engage with. Books can be found under the reading section of "my lessons." Here children will find age appropriate books, with the option of having them narrated or read silently. There are also a series of alphabet, letter, and word matching games, which allow young learners to practice skills in phonics, phonemic awareness, comprehension and association skills. Children have the opportunity to learn about music, animals, and colors (among other things) as they peruse the ABC Mouse's reading component.


Math games and activities fall under three grade level categories: preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten. Children will learn and master basic computational strategies as well as important building block skills. Greater than or less than, counting, and simple geometry activities puts into context a full spectrum of life skills like days of the week, farm animals, and household appliances, utilizing children's familiarity with the items to help them better understand the mathematical concepts.


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