GeoDash Wild Animal Adventure

GeoDash Wild Animal Adventure is an iOS app created by National Geographic for Kids that incorporates learning into a gaming environment. Users must collect keys, pieces of fruit, and other various objects in each level in order to open a portal which allows them to traverse the next stage

What separates from the seemingly limitless number of to-do and productivity apps, is its design. The app thrives because it is straightforward and simple. Users organize tasks into “tomorrow,” “upcoming,” […]


Roblox is a robust website, program, and mobile application that allows users to design, create, and play unique digital environments and games.


Tracks is a mobile photosharing app that combines together many of the social media elements found in popular apps like Instagram and Pinterest, mixing together the display and general aesthetic of […]

The Word Monsters

Designed specifically for children in Kindergarten and First Grade, The Word Monsters allows users to strengthen their skills in phonics, while reading very low-level interactive texts. There is an option to […]


MyFitnesssPal is an mobile app which allows users to count calories and track their diet.

Toca Doctor

Heal an assortment of patients by solving a number of mini-puzzles that involve matching, mazes, and more.

Yahoo! Sports

Yahoo! Sports is a free mobile sporting news app where users can follow their favorite teams, getting personalized statistics,standings, and stories pushed to their devices.

Miso Social TV

Miso Social TV is a social-media app designed to allow users to track and share their television and movie consumption.

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