Magisto is a simplified movie maker which allows users to take up to 25 minutes of video footage, which the app will automatically condense, created a short, edited film. Users […]

Bugs and Buttons 2

Bugs and Buttons 2 is an kid-friendly, educational app, in which users choose from a variety of different short mini games that help them to develop early mathematical, pre-reading, and critical thinking skills.


Keezy transforms users’ mobile devices into a personal collection 8 user curated sounds, which can be played back in any order.


SpacePaint is a creative photo app that allows users to edit their photos using a variety of unique tools. Users can add lightning, astrological features, smoke, and other elemental effects to make their photos unique.


Everest is a goal oriented planning app, where users create a specific set of steps in order to achieve any goal — no matter how lofty. Users input the amount […]


Rove is a social tracking app that uses GPS to help users document and share their travels throughout the day. Once the GPS is activated, Rove makes note of a […]


Weave is a multi-faceted to-do app which aids users in fulfilling their day-to-day obligations. Users can assign projects and tasks to friends, set reminders, and even balance their budgets. It’s […]


As the name would suggest, Cal is a calendar app, similar in layout to iCal, the calendar that comes stock with most apple products. However, Cal is directly tied to […]


Directr is a video app that allows users to shoot, edit, direct a videos. Unlike Vine and Instagram, there is no time limit on each video that restricts the functionality […]

ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse is a web-based educational service geared towards children who are of pre-school and early elementary school age.

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