LQ: 8.5


Brain grade: 8.9
Fun score: 8

Platform/Console: , , , LWK Recommended Age: Any Thinking Skills Used: ,

What separates from the seemingly limitless number of to-do and productivity apps, is its design. The app thrives because it is straightforward and simple. Users organize tasks into “tomorrow,” “upcoming,” or “someday.” Different levels of importance can be assigned to each task, and users can even set reminders. The calendar view mode allows users to drag their tasks to specific days directly from the folders. The phrase (I want to…) which is what users encounter each time they make a note is an action commands, and makes users want to be productive. If users choose to create an account, they have the opportunity to share their tasks and to dos with other users and can sync tasks with the chrome account. To do list apps tend to be simple and similar in functionality. What makes them different is their design and ease of use — and thrives in both areas. Children aged 8 and older will probably find the app most useful.

this app is good for kids who need help with:


Developing a systematic approach for setting and achieving goals. presents users with the phrase "take a moment to plan your day" every time they open the app. offers more than the reminders, alarms, and priority settings that are parts of nearly every productivity app. For example, users can attribute locations to tasks. For example, if they are trying to plan a lunch, users choose a time and a place (once they allow the app the access their current location). It makes for a much more personalized and accurate planner -- especially if is used as a social platform. Co-workers, friends, and family can plan a place to meet for coffee date using the location service each time they add a new task. Many to do apps don't feature a full calendar either, an important element of the planning process that did not overlook. Instead of seeing a to do list as a collection of single tasks, users can open to the calendar to get a sense of their availability for the upcoming week or month.


Arranging and coordinating materials in order to complete a task. 

With many to do apps, it's often difficult to avoid the clutter that comes from constant use. The collection of old and new tasks and become difficult to manage, and ultimately leads to disuse. But in, users create folder to keep their tasks sorted and organized. Users may add as many customized folders as they wish, allowing them to separate their school, work, home, and social lives. And when tasks are completed, they can simply select "done" in the task bar. For users who are too occupied to they can put off the task, by selecting the "later" tab. And as soon as users create an account, they can manage their tasks more efficiently using the chrome version of the app, which immediately syncs all information to the mobile app. Folders allow users to manage separate, but equally important parts of their lives with the same fervor and attention.

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