Bugs and Buttons 2

LQ: 9.0


Brain grade: 9.2
Fun score: 8.8

Platform/Console: , , , LWK Recommended Age: 3–6 Thinking Skills Used: , Academic Skills Used: ,

Bugs and Buttons 2 is a kid-friendly educational app where users choose from a variety of short mini-games that help develop early mathematical, pre-reading, and critical thinking skills. The app transforms the fascination that many young children have with bugs into an environment that fosters learning, with graphics that are crisp, and almost realistic. Most games are timed — an element which helps keep users on their toes — and each mini-game encourages users to practice a different set of skills to win. Users garner stamps after completing each level, which can be used to add to their “bug collections.” Bugs and Buttons 2 to is a great app for children aged 3 to 6, with content perfect for kids in early education or just about to enter Kindergarten.

this app is good for kids who need help with:


Many of the goals and objectives specific to each mini-game require users to zero-in on small details. Matching, finding patterns, and locating small bugs takes keen concentration and attention to detail. Given the fact that there's a small reward and goal to work towards, (collecting additional bugs), users must demonstrate a degree of goal-directed persistence -- the ability to carry out an activity until completion -- as they perform the various tasks the app presents.

Time Management

A good majority of the app's mini-games are governed by a timer. It comes in the shape of a pie, which slowly drains as players make their moves. But each time users correct a move, time is restored to the game clock. Especially as the speed of play picks up, it becomes harder and harder to find solutions while being mindful and cognizant of the clock. Even though the environment is fun and immersive, users must work quickly in order to ensure they collect as many "stars" in each mini-game as they can.


The mini-games in Bugs with Buttons 2  offer excellent pre-reading exercises. Users will not be working out full sentence structure, but will rather be prompted to follow directions and practice letter and word recognition, while completing reading and phonics tasks that are fairly simle and well-fitted for the targeted age-bracket.


Bugs and Buttons 2 helps users learn and put into action skills that involve counting, identifying and analyzing patterns, studying sequences and learning about the nature of shapes. So much happens on-screen too, that players must have a solid sense of spatial awareness -- an often forgotten, basic mathematical skill. Users also have to take into account how much time they have left, and logically determine the best move to make.

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