LQ: 9.45


Brain grade: 9.1
Fun score: 9.8

Platform/Console: , LWK Recommended Age: 4+ Thinking Skills Used: ,


Lake is an app where you can choose from different artists and themes to create pieces of beautiful artwork from coloring book pages.  The user can look through artists or themes broken down into categories like Food, Feminine, Animals, and Adventure. After choosing from over 800 different pages to color, the user can select from a variety of tools including paint buckets, spray paint, colored markers, and paint brushes.

To move around the page, the user needs to use two fingers on the screen, but a single finger tap and drag will implement whatever tool they have selected. Colors are chosen by rotating a color wheel; the wheel can be expanded or shrunk to change the lightness or darkness of certain colors for an incredible amount of variety.

If the user wants a little more guidance, each artist has a palette of nine colors associated with the coloring book page that they personally selected for the piece of art. 

Lake is available on iOS. A select few of the drawings are available to color for free but a subscription is required to unlock all the coloring pages, colors, and other features. A portion of the subscription fee goes to the artists who created the coloring book pages.

Focus: Applying cognitive strategies to improve sustained attention. 

Coloring can be its own form of mindfulness, which means that while the user is coloring in a blank page or an illustration, they are focusing on the here and now and blocking out other distractions. Coloring apps like Lake can be a great way for users to take a moment for themselves and focus on the present moment. For users who struggle with focusing, starting with a simple coloring book page without a lot of small details can be a way to introduce this form of mindfulness. After the user is comfortable, they can then build up to coloring more complex illustrations, using more colors or different tools to create advanced techniques. The app also features a blank canvas option for those who want to create their own art from scratch. 

Self-Control: Identifying activities to improve response inhibition. 

Because coloring is a form of mindfulness, it can be a great activity for when the user is feeling anxious, overwhelmed, frustrated, or angry. Coloring allows the user to slow down, focus on small details and create something new while they process their emotions or take a break from them for a while. For users who struggle with response inhibition activities, starting with one small coloring page or a set amount of coloring time can be a way to introduce this activity to the user. This should be followed up with some reflection or discussion about how the user felt prior to the activity and how they feel afterwards. 


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