Collect is a creativity and organization app that allows the user to make different idea boards based on different categories. The user creates a board, gives it a title, […]



Moshi is a mindfulness and sleep app designed for children. The app incorporates white noise, storytelling, music, and guided meditations to help children develop good sleeping habits and become […]

S’Mores Up


S’MoresUp is a calendar and chore assignment app for the whole family to use! The initial setup allows you to add your family members, choose some frequently needed chores […]

Toca Life World


Toca Life World is a storytelling game without a written story! Players can create their own character, create more characters ranging in age from babies to elderly people and […]

Epic Win


Epic Win is a To-Do List app with a gaming twist. The user chooses from a list of fantasy-based characters and then sets out to level up and obtain […]




Bookful is an app that can literally bring books to life for your child! Choose from hundreds of titles, select whether you want to be read to or […]

We Read Too


We Read Too is a book database designed to promote books from a wide and diverse audience. Simply download the app, choose the age appropriate to your child and […]



GBoard is an application that, once installed, allows you to use a variety of Google features on your mobile device. Simply install the app and give it permission via […]

Rooster Money

Rooster Money is a money management app for students to keep track of their allowance while learning about saving and spending money. Parents can set the app to record actual […]


Habitica is a habit tracker with a fun old school RPG element. Students create an avatar and then level them up by completing positive behavior tasks. Students also add negative […]

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