Bookful is an app that can literally bring books to life for your child! Choose from hundreds of titles, select whether you want to be read to or […]

We Read Too


We Read Too is a book database designed to promote books from a wide and diverse audience. Simply download the app, choose the age appropriate to your child and […]



GBoard is an application that, once installed, allows you to use a variety of Google features on your mobile device. Simply install the app and give it permission via […]

Rooster Money

Rooster Money is a money management app for students to keep track of their allowance while learning about saving and spending money. Parents can set the app to record actual […]


Habitica is a habit tracker with a fun old school RPG element. Students create an avatar and then level them up by completing positive behavior tasks. Students also add negative […]

Day One

Day One is an app for students who want to journal in a modern way. Students can create daily entries by typing or using their phone’s voice recognition software for […]


Busuu is a foreign language learning app that uses written, audio, and visual information to help you learn the language of your choice. Each lesson will guide you through the […]


Trello is an organizational app where students can set up task lists, assign tasks to others and manage their time by setting reminders.

Students can use the app on […]


Memrise is a language learning app where fun interactive videos expose you to spoken language immediately. Watch a video where a speaker goes over a few phrases at a time. […]

Focus Plant

Focus Plant is a time management and focus app that allows you to grow cute anthropomorphic virtual plants and trees while helping you build a sensible media diet.

Students […]

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